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Capture the Memory

What better way to keep your precious blooms than to have them preserved to keep forever! I take in your precious flowers shortly after your special day (via post or drop-off), carefully dry them to retain colour and shape, and preserve them in crystal clear shapes. Choose from letters, spheres, blocks and even jewellery, the options are endless! The flowers can be from any florist, or even back garden. I also work with memorial flowers, engagement flowers, baby flowers- anything you cant bare to throw away!

A bit of info...

My professional journey with florals actually began with resin, where I discovered how to dry and preserve flowers and cast them in any shape I wanted. I realised how something so precious had to be kept and couldn't bare the thought that so many of them end up in the bin or dried in a dusty box and kept in the attic! 

I work in my little workshop in my gorgeous little garden where I also grow and cut my own flowers, which are used in my floristry for weddings and events. Working with flowers from seed to capturing them in resin really is my little dream come true! 

The floristry side to my business is new to 2024, after spending the last few years learning and practicing with different flowers and arrangements. You can now book your whole flower journey with me, check out my floristry page for more info. Of course there is no obligation to do so as you may have already found your florist- so contact me if you'd like to discuss preserving them!

If you. know what you'd like and have checked availability, you can order here! 

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