🌼 How do I order? 

We have now streamlined our order process! Simply use the form above to complete your request and pay all in one go. This is for both customers with flowers ready to send, or to book in for a wedding or occasion. You can get in touch with us if you need any help with it, but please read the FAQ here first. We have a page dedicated to information on sending us your flowers.

🌼 How do I send my flowers to you?

Check out this page for info

🌼 How many flowers should I send?

As all flowers differ in shape and size, its really difficult to say exactly so we suggest filling a shoebox size box (as per the instructions) for something like an initials package with an add on piece like a paperweight (the most common type of order). You can have a look at my portfolio to see if anything matches the kind of flowers you will have. 

🌼Can I drop flowers to you by hand?

Yes, you can bring them by hand, if you lived close enough (we are in HP16) Monday to Friday only. Please message to arrange this.

🌼 Do I need to book in advance?

I am currently taking bookings as far in advance as 18 months. 2021 and 22 is filling up fast particularly so do book in as soon as you can if you are looking for wedding flower preservation. I reserve a certain amount of space per month for memorial flower preservation.

🌼 Do you need a deposit for advance bookings?

Yes we take 50% for any bookings more than 4 weeks away. For flowers coming to us within 4 weeks or less, payment is required up front. Enter the code DEPOSIT at checkout for deposit bookings.


🌼 How long will it take to complete my order? 

Due to the nature of working with flowers and resin, I am unable to give an accurate time scale. Please allow up to 12 weeks as guidance.

🌼Are there any flowers you cant use?
Every flower has its own history and of course are each made differently by Mother Nature herself. Flowers are dried before going in the resin so some can be more challenging than others. Fleshy flowers such as Lillies, Tulips and Orchids for example tend to be quite temperamental but I’m always happy to try. If they are especially sentimental do let us know first as they can sometimes be left out of they cant be preserved. Berries aren't the best thing to preserve but again I can always try them, most turn dark but still look pretty. Wax flowers sometimes close up completely during the drying process but again are still lovely. 

🌼What if I am getting married abroad and want to bring flowers home for preserving?
You have about 5 days to send most flowers before they start to go, I recommend trimming the stems and placing in water, and ideally keep them cool until you fly home. Or you can always allocate a family member to bring them home for you. Flat pack a box in your suitcase before you fly out and after the wedding trim them down to transport them home. Even a large lunchbox would prevent them getting squashed in a hold bag! There is the alternative of hanging them to dry while you enjoy the rest of your stay! Hang upside down in small bunches in a dry place.  

🌼Can you provide flowers?
Yes, provided they are in season/ I have some already dried!

Got more questions? Drop us an instant message below!

Terms and Conditions


  • No responsibility will be held for damaged flowers which are not packaged as advised and sent within a reasonable time scale. No refunds are given for flowers arriving damaged having not been sent according to instructions. I also am unable to offer a refund for any packages lost by Royal Mail or other courier, please ensure the insurance offered by them covers your order amount and you obtain a reference number. We highly recommend Special Delivery. It is also your responsibility to keep an eye on tracking to ensure the parcel containing your flowers has reached its destination as although we try to, we cannot always contact you to confirm receipt.


  • Deposits are non refundable. For wedding bookings, in the unlikely event that your wedding is cancelled, we are unable to offer a refund on deposits, so please ensure that your wedding insurance will cover your flower preservation booking. For any weddings postponed in relation to COVID-19, you can move your deposit over to a new date, simply keep us informed via email or Facebook message. Please note updated pricing may be applied to any bookings moved to 2021 and beyond to account for inflation in costs of materials and other overheads. We may request your payment as originally scheduled to aid with the process.


  • We cannot chase up flower arrivals, it is very important that you put your name on the inside of the box, clearly and easily obtainable.


  • Please ensure your address on the booking form and, if applicable in Paypal, is correct as we do not cross check with you when your order is ready as we simply don't have the resources. We do not accept notes inside flower boxes with addresses on as we cannot retain them. We cannot accept any responsibility for orders lost by Royal Mail, or due to the address in Paypal or on the form being incorrect.


  • IMPORTANT Flowers need to be dried to be placed in resin, sometimes this can change the colour of your flowers. Some flowers/foliage are also unsuitable for the preservation process, for example Lillies and berries so they may be left out of your order. Some flowers/foliage can look quite different when dried, but still very beautiful! Just remember, this process is a form of art whereby Sarah will work with nature and her skills to preserve the beauty of each flower, however Mother Nature allows. Please note also that white flowers dry cream/yellowy 95% of the time. If you are concerned please just ask! Sarah will always try to keep you informed where possible of any flowers which cannot be used. We cannot stress it enough that your flowers are not guaranteed to look the same in the resin as they do fresh. 


  • The small letter F and P do not stand up so you may need something adhesive to assist in making them free standing, alongside the silicone dots provided. The letter L has a short “foot” - and the I is a simple straight shape "I" rather than "I" also without "feet" -please check my photos.


  • My shapes can contain bubbles, small holes and slight bulges/ indents- this is due to the nature of working with real flowers and soft moulds. It all adds to the charm of buying a hand made item! The backs are not designed to be seen- I sometimes have to sand off and where needed, recoat sharp edges of flowers which poke out.


  • It is not possible to send leftover flowers back so if you’d like to keep any please separate them before sending.

  • Customers sending flowers to us from overseas will be responsible for any customs charges. We are unable to advise on estimated costs, and it is not something we are able to control. Some couriers will require payment before delivery is permitted. Please ensure you do the relevant research before booking with us.