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Have you got special flowers you just cant bear to throw away?

Here you will discover the intricate art of encapsulating precious flowers in crystal clear resin- from wedding bouquets to funeral flowers or even simple garden blooms. These preserved pieces serve not only as beautiful decor but also as eternal keepsakes to treasure for a lifetime.

Whether you are looking to preserve a magical moment or capture the memory of a precious loved one, I am here to help you save those wonderful memories in the most beautiful way possible. 



 Although I have always had love for nature, seasons, growing and creating, my professional floral journey began with resin.


In 2015 I began experimenting with ways in which I could capture the beauty of a flower and discovered how to dry them and preserve them in resin shapes. Since then I have spent thousands of hours perfecting my craft and creating special resin keepsakes for thousands of happy clients.

So if you have precious blooms that you would like to have encapsulated in a timeless resin piece, feel free to browse my site for ideas and inspiration. Alternatively, you can drop me message here.


Over the past few years I have learned so much about flowers from growing to arranging and installing floral archways and staircase structures. Now (new for 2024) I am over the moon to be able to offer a full floristry experience, from choosing your perfect bouquet, arrangements and all the special touches (I'm also pretty nosey so I love to hear about all your other wedding ideas!) - to taking your special flowers and capturing them in time!


Of course you don't have to do both, I take orders for just floristry, or for flower preservation from another lovely florist or garden! Either way expect a beautiful experience from start to finish, with designs created to delight and overjoy. 



Thanks for getting in touch!

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