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About Us

About Us

Hello! I'm so glad you found me! Heres a little about myself and my business...

I'm not afraid to say that I have been doing this loooong before the resin craze hit! I have trialled and tested so many resins, moulds and different techniques to establish the best in flower preservation.  Many of my shapes are unique to Sarah Ashleigh Designs! 


I work with wedding bouquets and other wedding flowers, funeral and memorial flowers and even I even make keepsakes with ashes or hair. Each and every piece is so special to me, and I adore doing what I do.

 I moved to London in my twenties to study, although now my workshop is in Buckinghamshire, which is a beautiful place to be. I count down the months to spring where I can go out picking forget-me-nots and daisies for my jewellery! 

My mum, and bestie, also shares my flower obsession, and she helps out at Sarah Ashleigh Designs HQ! She will take in your flower deliveries, and sort and dry them before I cast them.

You can check out my social media to see more stuff about what I do, behind the scenes and have a chat. ​I also write a blog, mainly for SEO purposes, ha , but I always loved writing so rather enjoy it! 


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