How do I send my fresh flowers to you?

You’ll need a shoe box (or see links to post office boxes below) and some tissue paper (the wrapping kind as opposed to loo roll or kitchen roll)


  • Trim the stems down of each flower, to maybe 3-4 inches it is really important that bouquets are broken down to prevent them from rotting in the middle. Discard any flowers that have already started to mould - otherwise it will spread. 

  • Line the bottom of the box with tissue (not newspaper or coloured tissue die to colour transferring) - lay a gentle layer of tissue paper on top

  • Wrap each flower stem in damp tissue and then foil to keep it in place. You can wrap in small bunches if you like. Pad any gaps gently with tissue paper so they don't rattle about. Foliage can go straight in the box, don't worry about wrapping the stems. You can keep this box in the fridge until you are ready to send if you are packaging them up the day before you head to the post office. 

AVOID bubble wrap as it squashes them and doesn't absorb any excess water. 

DON’T tape up the box too tightly - make it secure but also as easy as possible to open it so flowers don't get damaged inside when I try to prise it open!

DON’T place the box inside a jiffy bag or paper wrap unless absolutely necessary. If you’re using a shoebox you can write the address straight on it or tape some paper onto it. 

Put your name on the INSIDE of the box INCLUDING any maiden / married names (as well as a return address on the outside (in case it ever got lost). You do not need to leave an address for returning your finished order to. Your address will be obtained from the booking process online- we cannot keep pieces of paper from boxes as address references. If paying via paypal please ensure the address is correct on your account when ordering. 

Post via ROYAL MAIL 1st class SIGNED FOR or SPECIAL DELIVERY (recommended) 

(address etc will be given when you order/make final payment)

Although we encourage looking after the environment and using boxes you already have at home (ie shoe boxes), if you're stuck here are some recommended boxes: 

MEDIUM- (shoe box size) recommended for Initials and heart package for example…/postpak-medium-parcel-r…/

For extremely large orders this box can also be useful 


For DRY flowers 

Lay some bunched up tissue paper in the bottom of a sturdy box, and lay your flowers on top, followed by another layer of tissue paper laid gently down. You can layer them up if you have more flowers just don't squash them. You need them to be secure enough not to rattle about but not squashed in. You do not need to wrap the stems.

The address for sending flowers will be provided once full payment has been made. We generally get in touch around 4 weeks before your wedding if you have booked in advance.