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XL Hexagon
  • XL Hexagon

    An absolutely gorgeous statement piece. The majority of a bouquet can be used in this shape and it is free standing 😍 22cm tall and up to 5cm deep.

    • Terms and Conditions of Purchase



      Flowers need to be dried to be placed in resin, sometimes this can change the colour of your flowers. Some flowers/foliage are also unsuitable for the preservation process, for example Lillies and berries so they may be left out of your order.

      Some flowers/foliage can look quite different when dried, but still very beautiful! Just remember, this process is a form of art whereby Sarah will work with nature and her skills to preserve the beauty of each flower, however Mother Nature allows.

      Please note also that white flowers dry cream/yellowy 95% of the time. If you are concerned please just ask! We cannot stress it enough that your flowers are not guaranteed to look the same in the resin as they do fresh. ​

      My shapes can contain bubbles, small holes and slight bulges/ indents- this is due to the nature of working with real flowers and soft moulds. It all adds to the charm of buying a hand made item! The backs are not designed to be seen- I sometimes have to sand off and where needed, recoat sharp edges of flowers which poke out.

      Again, we stress that your letters and hearts and other shapes will not appear machine cut because they are not- and will show imperfections that come with a hand made item. ​

      No responsibility will be held for damaged flowers which are not packaged as advised an