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Replica Flowers - small order

Replica Flowers - small order

Would you like your flowers sourced and replicated to create a beautiful resin piece? Maybe you didn’t know about us and your wedding was a long time ago or maybe your flowers didn’t survive when you tried to dry them at home. Please ask what size you’ll need!

  • Time Scales

    Orders can take from 12 weeks onwards to complete. I will try and stay in touch with you as best I can throughout the process but don't panic if you don't hear from me for a few weeks after I confirm receipt of your flowers. The flower drying process can be lengthy- and that's before the resin part has begun! After shapes are demoulded they can require sanding and top-coating, sometimes several times. Resin is very restrictive when it comes to temperature and humidity so I sometimes have to halt work in extreme weather. On top of this I do also need the odd break so please allow extra time during peak summer and over Christmas. For these reasons I am not able to give a definitive timescale but do rest assured that your flowers are in expert, loving hands!

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