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Large Initials and Heart Package
  • Large Initials and Heart Package

    This is the most popular package for larger flowers, allowing couples to choose their intials to compliment a perfectly sized heart which stands freely on its side. The letters are 15cm tall (slightly chunkier too than the small ones)  and come in this package with a 12cm heart. They are great for most size flowers, such as roses, small lillies, etc. The heart allows space for flowers such a peony or sunflower which may be too big for the small letters/heart. I use a high quality crystal clear resin to encapsulate your precious blooms so you can treasure them for many years to come.


    Keep out of direct sunlight and clean with a cloth only. Letters F and P are the only ones which do not stand freely thanks to the laws of physics, but you can use a sticky dot underneat. All letters come with little silicone "feet" underneath.