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Wedding Trends 2022

Although I am not fooled by the last two days of glorious sunshine we have had here in the UK (aka fools Spring), and am fully prepared for a snow storm to be forecast next week, I am full of Spring-time feels and cannot wait for the 2022 Wedding Season! I thought I would celebrate by posting some of my favourite Wedding Trends of 2022.

First up:

Flower Preservation!

I'm not just saying it, flower preservation is a huge trend to hit firstly in 2020 and is getting bigger and better all the time! 2022 is its biggest year yet. Have your wedding flowers preserved in crystal clear resin, don't throw your bouquet away. All you need to do is package up your flowers according to our easy to follow instructions and we take care of the rest, carefully drying your beautiful blooms until place them in resin.

Visit my info page for more!

Trend 2: Eco Weddings

Lets not get it twisted, I know this one has been round for a while but I feel like it has really ramped up a notch since the pandemic, and is ever-growing and changing as we not only think about our budgets but our beautiful planet. From outdoorsy cottage core styles, earthy tones and dried flower bouquets, to digital invites, wedding dress rental and gorgeous vegan wedding food spreads. 2022 has a lot to offer in terms of planning a planet friendly wedding.

Some cottage core wedding style ideas - totally obsessed!

Digital invites are a great way to keep costs down and reduce waste - you can create some really unique and stylish stuff on Canva, one of my favourite apps. Better still you can use it in-browser (not a sponsor, I just love it!)

My own wedding was an outdoor affair and I still cant believe how lucky we were to have blazing sunshine all day. We had the most beautiful grazing table done by Berry and Brie which our guests were bowled over with. I met Mako at a wedding fair back when she was still quite new on the scene, and her business could not have stayed more on-trend. It has been so wonderful watching her business grow and grow, and I never stop going on about her! A shout out here was definelty in order. Here are some pics of the incredible spread she did!

Elopement Wedding

Another trend I adore is elopement weddings which have increased greatly in popularity since 2020 and the dreaded C word cancelled hundreds of thousands of weddings. How dreamy is this:

Be sure to click this pic to read the article- cuteness overload!

I have a great Pinterest board of Elopement Weddings - be sure to check it out! I adore collecting wedding inspiration and recently got back into obsessing over Pinterest!

Lastly (I have to limit myself. to four things or I will go on and on about this!) the trending colour palette for 2022 weddings!

Bold Colour

Colour blocking will change any ideas you had about muted soft tones of 2020/2021, with punches of colour against contrasting backgrounds.

Colour trend forecasters Pantone predict the top colours for Spring and Summer 2022 will be pink-purple Orchid Bloom, vibrant Super Sonic blue, fresh Fair Green, playful Bubblegum pink, vivid Coral Rose and cool Cascade blue.

If you are thinking of having your flowers preserved, bold and bright colours look incredible! Here are some I have done over the years:

You can find more info here on flower preservation

Thank you for reading a bit of my waffle! Be sure to follow me on Insta and Pinterest for more!

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