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Taking Care of Your Flowers

A mini guide

One of my biggest questions I get is "how do I get my flowers to you?" or "what should I do with them on the day?" - so here is a little guide I put together to help you ge the most from your flowers!

Keep them cool!

Try to keep your blooms out of the sun and away from heaters etc. A wedding bouquet should be placed in some water when you're not holding onto it- your venue should be happy to take care of this for you. Don't lie it on its side as petals will bruise.

For flowers in oasis (the structure that makes letters and other shapes for the likes of funeral flowers) - this is normally soaked in water so you don't need to add any more but again, keep cool and out of the sun.


If you are taking a few flowers away immediately to keep after a funeral, ease them gently out of the arrangement and place in some water or wrap the stem in some damp tissue until you get home. If possible take some extras so that the best flowers can be chosen for your piece.

Flowers will always be ok for a short journey home without water so don't panic!

When you get your flowers home (or the next day if you're staying overnight) separate out your bouquet - this will prevent any rot starting. Trim the stems at an angle and place in fresh water. Then when you are ready to send them you can follow the instructions here:

Send your flowers within 3-4 days ideally. I have known flowers to be fine after a week or more but the sooner you send them the better the result of your resin piece.

If you're not ready to send right away

  • Keep stems trimmed and in fresh water

  • Keep them in the fridge if you can

  • Have your box and packaging ready in advance

Travelling home from abroad?

If you can't allocate a family member to take care of them for you, just ensure that as above they are kept cool, trimmed, separated and in water until you travel.

Take a sturdy box with you - something like a lunchbox is ideal- so that you can lay them inside carefully where they can't get squashed. Carry them in your hand luggage if possible. Ensure you have your box and packaging ready at home so you can pop them in the post ASAP when you get back!


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