Easy Guide on How to Send Flowers for Flower Preservation

We are based in Buckinghamshire but work with precious flower preservation across the country (and even the world!). Here is our easy guide for sending your wedding flowers or funeral flowers to us for flower preservation through the mail.

Here are some extra tips for posting us your wedding flowers or funeral flowers:

  • A shoebox will do but you can also purchase flat pack parcelboxes here or at your local large post office

  • Don't wrap you flowers in plastic or put them in plastic bags, and neb=ver encase the whole flower- wrap stems only

  • Send Royal Mail Special Delivery- we have a good relationship with our local posties and they know your parcels contain precious flowers

  • Use white or very pale colour tissue as dyes can run onto your flowers

  • Send as many as you are comfortable sending, fill a shoe box. Its always best to send extras so that we can make sure the best ones go inside your resin flower preservation pieces.

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