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Is your day set to be a scorcher?

As much as resin hates the cold, it also hates the heat! So today I ditched the 40 degree workshop heat for some much needed admin time in the garden. Phew!

My wedding day was 1st June 2019 and it was an unexpected boiling hot day! There are so many ways I wish we could have prepared for it, and todays heat had me thinking, what would be my top wedding tips for keeping cool on my wedding day?


The first thing was my wedding shoes- I know it’s not everyone’s jam, but under my dress I wore Doc Martens as we had an outdoor woodland wedding. I cannot tell you how hot it was under my gown! I ended up ditching them and going bare foot!

So consider your shoe situation as having cool feet makes a massive difference!


Second, HAIR! Hair up is a great option for staying cool and not having to worry about curls dropping or hair sticking to you!


Sounds obvious but - hydrate hydrate hydrate! It’s so easy to get caught up with chatting to guests and having a great time, especially as the alcohol is flowing, so make sure you - and your wedding guests - have access to plenty of drinking water! We had big Kilners with taps so people could help themselves.


Keep your makeup light and opt for a long wear silicone based foundation. Also a little touch up bag nearby is really handy! I love Charlotte Tilburys range for wedding makeup, her foundations are to die for!


Lastly, of course I have to mention your wedding flowers! Make sure you have a jar or vase to put them in. Keep them out of the sun if you can. If you have your wedding flowers preserved, the better you care for them on the day, the better the result. Don’t panic though, a good quality florist will use good quality flowers, and most wedding flowers are pretty hardy! It’s a good idea to allocate a bridal party member the job of flower-watch!!

I’d love to know if you have any tips to share! Head over to my Facebook page for my post on wedding day tips! 🤍

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