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Can you send flowers in the post?

One of the main questions I get in my inbox for flower preservation enquiries is

"How do I send you my flowers?"

It's a lot easier than you think! To send your wedding flowers all you have to do is follow some simple steps for the best result for your wedding flower preservation.

Firstly make sure your bridal bouquet is separated out as soon as possible to prevent rot and ensure nothing is squashed. You can keep your flowers in the fridge to keep them as fresh as possible until posting. It is also best to send them within 5 days max.

It is important for flower preservation that you package them well so they arrive in the best possible condition. I have made a graphic for you with easy step by step instructions how to package your flowers, take a look here!

If you prefer to watch video on how to post flowers, take a look at this!

Once we receive your bouquet or flower arrangement, they will be prepped for the resin! Did you know that all flowers are dried before they go into any resin?

We have found that Royal Mail special delivery is the most reliable next day service for sending flowers and costs between approx £8 and £11 depending on the weight of your box. Using a large shoe box for packaging flowers is the best for most size bouquets!

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