Pink Daisy 2

Small letters are 11cm tall and large letters are 15cm tall and chunkier/deeper. Large heart is our 12cm heart, small heart is 8cm.

Pink Daisy 2

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15cm smooth heart, 6cm heart, 12cm heart ad 8cm heart 

Small Letters are 115mm tall. They are all free standing but P and F will need something sticky as they topple. The heart in the small letters and heart package is the 8cm heart.

Large Letters are 150mm tall and are chunkier and deeper so fit more flowers inside, and are best for roses and larger flowers. The heart in the large letters and heart package is 12cm. 

8cm heart makes a great paperweight when lay on its back or can be stood on its side on display. It fits a single average size rose or several small flowers. 

12cm heart is a great piece for a small part of the main elements of the arrangement. They look great with wording added to the front too. It is up to 5cm deep. 

Our XL square or heart is great for fitting lots of the bouquet in it to get a full feel of the arrangement. They can both be freestanding or wall hung.

The teddy, 6cm heart, keyring or mini tea light holder make great add-ons or small gifts. We may only be able to fit petals or small flowers.

The necklaces are for petals or small flowers only, and they need to be able to be pressed. Do ask us if you're unsure! We can also do sterling silver jewellery if you d prefer it to our standard silver plated.

Round paperweights - we offer a half sphere (10cm), or an almost- full sphere (it has a flat bottom) in 6cm and 10cm sizes.